Užupis is so small that there will be enough space for all
One can live in, one can love, but one can‘t have Užupis
Užupis – The Center of Universe‘s Province
Užupis without paradox – Užupis without Self
The only one therefore not lonely
Human did not figure out anything more wise than to share
We learning not to be wealthy, smart or happy – we learn to be together
Sky – 12 km
Death can be overcome by creation work only
Black and white intersect not outside but inside of us. We are responsible for the balance
Only paradox liberates from aggression
The life of one human – as a source of values
To be together and not a herd
Freedom without responsibility is not possible
Standards are not outside, but inside
At home, there is no word Stranger
The Heaven is personal to all at the same time
There are places that belongs to nobody, there are places where you belong
pinigas su angleu
Uzupio zemelapis

Republic of Užupis

The people of Užupis donated the Republic of Užupis to Vilnius, Lithuania and the rest of the world. Republic is a collective work of the local community as a cultural, artistic, civic and social movement, constantly changing, developing and improving, making it famous in Europe and abroad, often compared to Montmartre district in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen.

Fact #1

There are boards with Constitution of the Republic of Užupis in 35+ languages unveiled in Užupis

Fact #2

Užupis currency EuroUžas is the most stable currency and the only one in the world redeemed with beer

Fact #3

All members of the Government are volunteers

Fact #4

Republic of Užupis is the only country where citizenship is awarded by citizen and nobody else

Fact #5

There are no taxes in the Republic of Užupis

Fact #6

Užupis has a metro line to Žvėrynas (another fancy district in Vilnius)

Fact #7

Gediminas – The Grand Duke of Lithuania, the founder of Vilnius is buried in Užupis.

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