UŽUPIS COMMUNITY (UžB) – is the oldest and uninterrupted community in Vilnius (actually started around 1997), uniting active residents of the unique suburb of Vilnius – Užupis, including artists, writers, film directors, other artists, organizers of civic initiatives, professionals in other fields, students, students. The community of Užupis is distinguished by the abundance of non-commercial, open, usually organized in public spaces, which bring together different cultural fields and artistic activities. For two decades, Užupis community events enrich Vilnius community and cultural life, are visible, open, attractive to Vilnius residents and guests of all ages and social situations, encourage creativity, involve experienced and debuting professional creators, amateurs, Užupis youth, attract tourists. The Užupis Community is the initiator and signatory of the Association of Vilnius Communities and the author of many civic initiatives that are widespread and replicated outside Užupis.

The Community of Užupis
Legal entity code 301295599, no VAT payable in any other countries.
Legal form – Association
Registered office: Krivių g. 33-4, Užupis LT-01209, Vilnius, Europe
Office of the Prime Minister: Krivių g. 2-5, Užupis LT-01203
Chancellor’s Office: Baltasis Skg. 7-2, Užupis LT-01203
Bank accounts in Swedbank IBAN format
billing: LT65 7300 0101 4891 8815
for projects: LT05 7300 0101 4891 8828
The neighboring Republic of Lithuania has by written decision of 23-11-2007, the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance decided that the Užupis Community has the status of a beneficiary in the EU tax area.

The Assembly of Honorable and Responsible Members of the Užupis Community (Parliament) shall elect a 5-member Senate for a period of at least two years in order to ensure the most representative representation of the Uzbeks in Uzupis and in the world. The community administrator elected by the Senate becomes Chancellor of the Republic of Užupis. Taking into account the wishes of the President, the Senate clarifies its objectives, approves the Prime Minister, assigns and supervises ministers, appoints and delegates the representatives authorized to consolidate and defend the national interests of the Republic in the bodies of other legal and non-legal entities.

The current Senate consists of:
Reda Brandišauskienė,
Chancellor of the Republic, Minister of Justice, Delegate to the UMI Council
Algimantas Lekevičius,
Chairman of the Senate, founder and chronicler of Užupis Television, guarantor of FB Republican content
Vytautas Ankudavičius,
Minister of Economic Affairs, he is not a stranger to the deed of Užupeans in emigration
Vytautas Pievaitis,
Guarantor and member of national security council in cyberspace, Republic’s profile on FB and website
Sakalas Gorodeckis,
Prime Minister, Delegated Representative to the Councils of Užupis Art Incubator, P. Vileišis Progymnasium, Vilnius Association of Communities, Lithuanian Union of Local Community Organizations and VBOT, follows the emission of the Central Bank

The Republic and its institutions shall make known their activities through these media. On Facebook (FB):
Užupio Respublikahttps://www.facebook.com/uzupis, for the world and the state
Mano Užupis – https://www.facebook.com/manouzupis/, for Užupis
Mano Užupis group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1478346408888282/, for Užupeans

Other independent media, which may be identified with the country’s official publications, are being created through the personal initiative and efforts of creative natives:

Printed newspaper “Užupio heroldas”, non-periodic, in various languages, rarities – Tomas Čepaitis,
Nostrified tour by officially licensed local The True Story of the Republic of Užupis – Kęstutis Lukoškinas

Republic of Užupis Information Center on FBhttps://www.facebook.com/Republic-of-U%C5%BEupis-Information-Centre-629484640593839/, Ieva Matulionytė
Užupis Art Incubator – http://www.umi.lt/https://www.facebook.com/www.umi.lt/, Giedrius Bagdonas;
Užupis – https://www.facebook.com/U%C5%BEupis-254342549343/, Marius Abramavičius Neboisia;
Ambassadors of the Republic of Užupis- https://www.facebook.com/groups/uzhupisembassy/, Tomas Čepaitis;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Užupis – http://uzhupisembassy.eu/, Tomas Čepaitis
Dogs of the Republic of Užupis – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1926939720891821/, Evelina Staniulytė
Užupis Café / The Barliament –
https://www.facebook.com/uzupiokavine/http://www.uzupiokavine.lt/, Kristina Baumann


The following sources of information are misleading and have nothing to do with the Republic of Užupis:
www.uzupiorespublika.lt – MG Valda (Darnu Group), Užupis waterfront 

This website was created thanks to the creativity, work and enthusiasm of the Užupeans, and partly financed by the administration of Vilnius City Municipality, which is implementing the targeted community support program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania in 2019.