Sign of Valuable of Užupis

The material and / or intangible phenomenon of Užupis, which is important to the life of the residents of Užupis and may be threatened with extinction, is publicly endorsed with a sign of Valuable of Užupis providing protection and care.

Užupis CENTRAL post office – Krivių str 4

After tracing many efforts to optimize or privatize something, on April 1, 2016, the 7th branch of Lithuania Post in Užupis (building, activities, service, employees, established relationships with the residents of Užupis - as a whole) uninterruptedly operating for many years was proclaimed the Valuable of Užupis! Do you know that a letter written to the President of the Republic of Užupis somewhere in the world reaches the addressee even without the specified address? Photo (c) Sandra Dastikienė

WOODEN HOUSE - Polocko str 52

Protecting against the devastation and negligence of bureaucrats of Municipality and Department of Cultural Heritage, on April 1, 2017 the unique wooden decorated building at Polotsk Street 52 was solemnly declared a Valuable of Užupis. After a series of creative proposals and funding searches from residents of Užupis and our friends, the building has been returned to the Vilnius City Municipality Administration, which is currently in the process of restoring to house a museum of the wooden architecture of Vilnius.