Country’s money is EuroUžas.
1 EuroUžas is covered with 1 (0.5 L) pint of beer.

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EuroUžas Exchange rates

April 1, 2013
1.0000 EUZ = 3.4528 LTL (Former Lithuania currency)
1.0000 EUZ = 1.0000 EUR
1.0000 EUZ = 1.0912 USD
April 1, 2019
1.0000 EUZ = 3.0501 EUR
1.0000 EUZ = 10.5310 LTL
1.0000 EUZ = 3.4132 USD

Eina Eurouzas


EuroUžas (EUZ) first appeared in circulation on March 31, 2003 after the central bank of the country set the value of 1 (one) pint of beer, which has remained unchanged until now. Due to fully controlled inflation in the country's monetary system, only 1 EuroUz banknotes are issued. The author of the Euro Banknote design is Užupean Vitalis Balčiūnas (RIP). Banknotes of 2003, 2005, 2008, ..., 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 are in circulation. As a result of blocked attempts of counterfeits, EuroUžas have been printed on watermarked paper since 2017. In 2019, an updated 1 EuroUžas banknote was issued only with the symbols of the Republic of Užupis and, from now on, consistent strict numbering. The series VB000001: VB001000 is intended to honor the author of EuroUžas Vitalis Balčiūnas. Series VN001001: VN002000 is dedicated to the author of the symbols of the Republic Valdas Neimantas (RIP).

EUROUŽAS on the Exchange markets

EuroUž is quoted and converted on the real currency exchanges without restrictions, based on the confidence of the people of Užupis and the guests of the Republic. Unlimited circulation in the territory of the country takes place on April 1 and other days set by the Užupis Central Bank. EuroUžas Exchanges (buy/sell) is open 24/7 during business hours: Užupis Information Center-Magnets and Miracles, Užupio str 2A; Užupis border post, Vilnius in Love, Užupio str. 1; Parliamentary headquarters, Užupis cafe, Užupio str. 2 and elsewhere. Quality EuroUžas banknotes from years prior to 2019 are purchased with a significant bonus.

EUROUZ outside the country

Due to the non-decreasing value and simplicity, it is reported that payments in Euro are also made outside the Republic of Užupis. More information about local currencies here: