In the Republic of Užupis, everyone stands for and fills in any vacant position. Works voluntarily and without pay. Užupeans confirm their duties by recognition or not.


Sakalas Gorodeckis

Rėda Brandišauskienė
Head of the Užupis community, Chancellor of the Republic and Minister of Justice.

Kęstutis Lukoškinas
Authorized Minister for Tourism Development in Užupis and neighboring territories

Algimantas Lekevičius
Chronicler of the history of the Republic and founder of Užupis Television.
Anyone with a smartphone can have their show on Užupis TV. Training is guaranteed.

Vaidotas Skolevičius
The idea of the state exists in the creation, possession and preservation of its identity marks.

tomas cepaitis

Tomas Čepaitis
Independently acting Minister, translator of all languages, the list of ambassadors representing the shall be made public separately:

work takes place here:


Vitas Mačiulis
Execution of special missions

Gleb Divov
Minister of Culture and Innovations

Saulė Pievaitytė
Development of state Internet solutions.

Count Vytautas Ankudavičius
Minister of Economy, Affairs of Užupeans in Emigration


Saulius Pilinkus
Nobody knows what he’s doing, but he’s supposed to know everything, even the stories of your belongings.

Principal dr. Donatas Brandišauskas
A state without its science and knowledge will not be competitive in the world.
Professors and students choose studies here:


Andrius Rodenbekas (Andreas Rodenbeck)
Authorized Minister of Community Gardens. The state must be able to provide for food and greenery by/for itself.

Citizen of
The state’s concerns are to be addressed by a minister who is not yet known to us. Dare to act and you will become one.