A flag for every era

The Republic of Užupis has a flag for each season.

Užupio vėliavos flagštokas


Celebrating the Day of Independence every year, the most honored Užupean of that year cuts a hole in the flag that rises on the country’s main pole. The hole in the palm symbolizes the notion that Užupis cannot be appropriated by anyone.


Every resident of Užupis who respects himself and his country can and must raise the flag of the Republic of Užupis. A blue winter flag is usually hoisted permanently. When raising several flags together, the Užupis flag must be first on the left of the observation side.

Trademarks of the Republic of Užupis and UŽ logotype belong to the community of Užupis, which are registered trademarks no. 60521 and 60522 in the Patent Office of the Republic of Lithuania. The commercial use of the name, mark or part of the Republic of Užupis must be coordinated with the Community of Užupis, which in no way restricts the daily application of the country’s name and / or its trademarks in citizens’ lifestyles, mutual relations and pride in their country.

The proportions of the size of the flag of the Republic of Užupis are as follows – length 1.7: height 1.0.
A flag file for production for non-commercial use is available here:

When attaching the flag to the wall, the thumb must always be at the top.