Užupis New Year – spring equinox, the introductory festival of the year, otherwise known as the Farewell to the Diaries. As Vilnelė river frees herself from the ice cream congestion, so Užupis abandons the stereotypes accumulated during the year. Origin of the new space.

The attributes of the festival are infinitely large “space” mousetraps and banners with slogans that are burned, along with notes accumulated over the years: notebooks, diaries, school notebooks. Holiday badge – multicolored laundry clips, presented as signs of love, sympathy, friendship or disapproval.

Bird greeting, nesting-box raising day. Origami competition. Environmental care time. Presentation day of new creative projects.

The freest holiday of the Republic of Užupis. Someone just covers the tables with white tablecloths on the terrace near Vilnelė river. Užupeans bring what is left of St. Easter table, eggs, musical instruments. Passers-by, wine, sun, wind and the whole Užupis together for only 45 minutes (of course this is not true, because only the night chases everybody home).

The main state celebrations of Užupis, with flags and parades, with the reception ceremony of the diplomatic corps. The whole Užupis community participates in the celebration, and Užupis itself is open to guests and initiatives. Exhibitions and concerts in all places of the Republic – galleries and cafes. The currency of the Republic of Užupis – EuroUžas is valid in majority of cafe’s, bars and restaurants. Border controls are carried out, the conscience of visitors and travel documents are checked.

Ritual of plowing and marking of corners of Užupis. The Užupis World Fool (card game) Championship is taking place. Celebrations often begin as early as the first day of April.

Užupis Song Festival is a music festival of school choirs in Užupis gymnasium and its yard.

Started by beighbors, musicians Tadas Balčiūnas, Darius Gerasimavičius, Girvydas Duoblys. Depending on the mood, the tradition continues into the fall, turning into a culinary symposium.

Midsummer Day. “The Great Walk of Vilnelė” – kayaking route Užupis – Tahiti. The first stage: Pučkoriai dam – Užupis cafe, bonfires. It really is the shortest and wettest night.

Užupis Art Incubator Creative Festival. Traditionally alternative fashions, non-traditional music, artistic expression and art discovery, like a new generation always knocking on the Gates of Heaven. Plenty of guests, gapers and natives gather. Water battles and bonfires, love and poetry go hand in hand.

Started as the Užupis Music Festival “Night of Flowers”, it eventually became the Užupis Culture Night with a number of events in the streets of the country.

Feast of forging of nesting-boxes for the next spring. Readings of works of Adam Mickiewicz. Bernardine cemetery clearing and upkeeping day.

At least four windy Saturdays in November after All Saints’, full of essays, poetry, jazz, cinema, blues and creative freedom. Wind Days are also called Užupis University. For the only time of the year, the stars share the light for free.

Second Saturday in December. Užupis is the only place in the Old Town of Vilnius where firewood is still relevant. Charity Day. Firewood is bought for the funds collected by Užupeans and distributed to the poor in the old Užupis market place. Great but unnecessary items accumulated during the year are also distributed. Antiques auction. Art exchange. The “firewood market” could also be interpreted (explained) as a year-round art exchange situation: for artists and patrons; a meeting space for artists, craftsmen and buyers of their works. On that day, the people of Užupis independently decorate and build a real Christmas tree.

The second day of Christmas. Traditional general photography of Užupis residents… Photo competition “For the Year”, which is attended by professional photographers, photo reporters and amateurs. The longest night of the year together. Announcement and presentation of Užupis national prizes.

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