Užupio Respublika

The people of Užupis donated the Republic of Užupis to Vilnius, Lithuania and the rest of the world. Republic is a collective work of the local community as a cultural, artistic, civic and social movement, constantly changing, developing and improving, making it famous in Europe and abroad, often compared to Montmartre district in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. However, the Republic of Užupis has a unique philosophy and forms of expression, the cyclical nature of the holidays (calendar), the Constitution translated into more than 50 languages, symbols and flags, border markers, easily granted citizenship and citizens around the world, Honorary citizens, President, Parliament, Government, formed of volunteer-ministers, ambassadors (in other countries, cities and even areas activities of life), regulated international relations with the neighboring Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries, the most stable currency EuroUžas, newspapers, Užupis TV, national dish UžBurger and other national attributes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Užupis, which actively develops direct international relations between people, has accredited more than three hundred ambassadors in various countries and territories, thus creating a new practice of open relations between people. The creation and nurturing of the Republic of Užupis significantly contributed revival of Užupis district of Vilnius Old Town from abandoned and dangerous, to a strong attraction for tourists and other visitors, a source of inspiration for creators, formed a unique community identity and created an open space for creativity.